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Pre-Installation Checklist

Pre-installation Checklist

Now that you have selected your new flooring, and scheduled professional installation. In order to insure installation goes as smooth as possible, follow this pre-installation checklist.

Here you will find a general guidline that should be followed prior to the installation of your new flooring

* Remove anything in the floor of closets

* Remove books from shelves

* Remove items from tables

* Remove dishes, glassware, and collectibles from display cabinets

* Remove lamps from tables

* Remove breakables from walls

* Disconnect any electronic equipment

* Empty or move large terrariums or fish tanks

* Remove sheets and blankets from the beds

* Remove anything small that you may be able to move on your own

Be careful of sliding furniture around in rooms as it could cause damage to your new flooring.

If you have any questions please contact your sales person and they will be happy to assist you.